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Want someone to push you (safely and strategically) to your MAX?  There is no denying the benefit of working one-on-one with a trainer AND coach to create the absolute best strength program specific to your personal performance desires.  Sign up for these private or semi-private sessions (up to 2 clients) to make the most of every training session.  Want to get stronger on the bike?  Need more power in your swim stroke? Need extra core strength or flexibility?  Coach Dorrer will create a personalized program that tracks your progression and builds strength over the course of the off season.  You WILL see results!

One session: $100/hour
5 or more sessions:  $90/ hour

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For athletes interested in a private or semi-private session that will help them excel in their sport.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning how to clip in and out of your new bike shoes
  • Cycle session on the road to work on form, cadence, gearing and hill climbing
  • Run training to work on gait, injury prevention, drills, speed or pacing
  • Swim sessions to develop stroke efficiency
  • Video analysis of your swim, bike or run and drills to help you correct inefficiencies
  • Race day nutrition counseling
  •  Race data analysis and review

30 minute session: $50
One hour session: $100
Cycles sessions on the road are
charged at a minimum of 90 minutes: $150

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Swim Stroke Analysis

Data analysis and review


Race day nutrition counseling


For athletes wishing to get stronger and faster on the bike, nothing compares to stroke and power development with the Computrainer®.  Hook your bike onto this trainer to see real time visuals of the weaknesses in your stroke, your power output and where you can obtain more power from your stroke.  Have an important race coming up?  You can even ride the actual route for most races on the Comptrainer® to get a feel for the course and grade of the hills.

One session is highly informative, but purchase 5 for a discount and train every week to really see the improvement!

Power 2 Perform - Private Computrainer® Power Training Sessions

1 hour power and strength training sets performed on your bike with workouts just for you.

Spin Stroke Analysis – Private Computrainer® Spin Scan  Sessions

50 min appointment consisting of set up, 10 min warm up, 30 min spin scan analysis, 10 min cool down and review.

Real Course Training

Check with the coach to determine accessibility of your course and the length of time it will take to ride it.  Sessions generally range from 1-4 hours depending on distance.  This can be done alone or with up to 4 people.


Cycle Development Packages

Amy Subar, 2015 World Champion, built her speed and power on the bike with spin scan and power training sessions.


Train, recover, repeat!    Race, recover, repeat!

The Normatec® system is a revolutionary recovery system that gives athletes a competitive edge by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation.  Compressed air massages your limbs, mobilizes fluid, and speeds recovery by bringing oxygenated blood to the muscles for repair.  Normatec® sessions are used by elite and Olympic athletes regularly and now you can use them between hard training sessions, before a race or after a race!  It is great for all kinds of athletes including triathletes, runners, cyclists, rowers, hockey players and more!  Each session includes a full 30 min in the Normatec® boots which cover the entire leg and thigh, and/or the hip and core unit which targets the upper thigh, glutes and low back.


One session:  $30
5 session pack: $125
2 day unit rental:  $100


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Important Information

Add $10 for personal training in areas outside Rockville, Bethesda and Potomac.  Private training or coaching sessions must be paid in advance.  Session times will be mutually agreed upon and can be confirmed before payment.  Contact Coach Dorrer at
There is a 24 hour cancellation and reservation change policy.  There is no refund for cancellations within 24 hours or if you do not show for your appointment.


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