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Start NOW to prepare for next year’s training cycle!

Make the most of your “off season” by incorporating strength into your training routine and see results in your next training cycle!  This 12 week program is designed for swimmers, cyclists and runners to build strength and power, as well as to reverse the overuse of certain muscles in our sports.  This plan is not customized.  It is best done with access to a gym so you can use machines that provide heavy resistance.  However, there is a HOME option for athletes who do not have access to a gym but can use dumbbells and bands.  Mixed in with strength are options for cardio workouts to maintain some of your aerobic base.

Cost: $50

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Pre-made Training Plans are plans that you can follow individually or with a group to prepare for an event.  Pre-made plans are available for any sprint, Olympic or 70.3 distance race of your choice.  Just let Coach Dorrer know what race you are training for and she will provide the best plan for that course.

What makes these plans different from other “general” training plans on the market is that they are designed with workouts for a specific race.  If it is a hilly event, there are workouts to prepare you for that!  If it is a flat event, your workouts will be designed to maximize your speed.  They also are more individualized than most general plans and still allow contact and updates with the Coach.

Training Plan Highlights

  • Workouts are set to your zones and paces.
  • Coach Dorrer will update your training zones for the plan on request after “test” days.
  • Coach Dorrer will adjust your plan for an additional “B” ranked race with proper taper upon request.
  • Great for athletes who want a plan to follow and don’t require feedback or analysis from a coach. You can request a consult at $25/30 min for personal analysis and training questions.
  • Workouts designed for any level athlete to prepare you for a specific race or race distance.
  • Suitable for all abilities with options for athletes looking to get faster and more competitive.
  • Provided through Training Peaks on a free training peaks account which can be upgraded.
  • Access to your workouts by email, on your personal training peaks account or an app on your phone.

If you are seeking a coach to maximize your athletic potential by creating workouts specific to you, your schedule, your abilities and your goals, click HERE for a Personalized Coaching Plan. Also, you should consider a Personalized Coaching Plan if you are preparing for your first 70.3 distance or you are doing a 140.6 event. Pre-made training plans are not offered for 140.6 distance because Coach Dorrer firmly believes that you should use a coach when training or racing that distance.  140.6 miles is a serious distance that requires serious, individual training and planning for success and safety.

Choose your 16-week training plan and let Coach Dorrer know your race and date:

  • Sprint
  • Olympic
  • 70.3

 Special Team Training Plans for 2019:

  • Eagleman 70.3 Club Championship Race – June 9
  • Nationals OLY or Sprint – August 10 & 11


Premade Training Plan Cost:  $200

Choose your plan

How to register:

1. Make sure you have joined the Coach Dorrer Performance TRI Team to participate.  You can do this HERE:




2. Contact Coach Dorrer with your proposed race, date, distance and course website.

3. Once payment is received, the plan will load in your Training Peaks account starting 16 weeks from race date.

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